Welcome to the Farm – The Goat Farm – S1E1

Welcome to the first episode of The Goat Farm. In this episode Ross and I chat about our backgrounds, our thoughts about DevOps, why the world needs another podcast, and DevOps in the Enterprise. If you want to find out how the idea for this podcast came about you can read this post or just listen.

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TL;DL: With The Goat Farm Ross and I hope to expand the content around DevOps in the Enterprise, with the specific focus around real world case studies and successes in the Enterprise.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Farm – The Goat Farm – S1E1

  1. Looking forward forward for the next episode, havent seen any podcast that covers devops for enterprises! Are you guys planning to publish this on iTunes or Stitcher?

    • Yep, just working through getting a few more episodes done and we’ve been trying to work through artwork. Hopefully next week we can get these few things sorted. Glad you enjoyed the first episode.

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