DevOps at Target – The Goat Farm – S1E2

In this episode of The Goat Farm we talk with Jason Walker and Dan Cundiff of Target Corporation. Jason and Dan have been instrumental in bringing DevOps to Target. Ross and I talk with our guests about the need for DevOps manifestos, the role tooling in DevOps transformations, reward structures in organizations, and hiring for DevOps.

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Guest Info:

Jason Walker – LinkedInTwitter

Dan Cundiff – LinkedInTwitter

6 thoughts on “DevOps at Target – The Goat Farm – S1E2

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have been binge-listening to your podcast while I drive on a business trip between Florida and North Carolina. I started at episode 10 or 11 and working my way back to your first episode. I’m enjoying your show and getting a lot of great insight into DevOps in the enterprise.

    Listening to this particular episode, I connected with the sentiment that “everything I needed to know about DevOps I learned in kindergarten.” I am glad to hear, as I learn more and more about DevOps, that this is more than just about processes and tools — it’s people too. My only add to this point would be for someone to do a session or article titled “Chicken Soup for the DevOps Soul” assuming it hasn’t already been suggested or done.

    Anyway, great show. Great guests. Looking forward to the next episode. Hopefully, I’ll be listening to it on a shorter commute.

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